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The Smoking Guns of Van Gogh

With an affinity for vivid colours and the ability to capture the essence of sadness and despair in his work, Vincent Van Gogh grew to become known as an iconic and highly influential painter. However, success and happiness escaped the post-impressionist Dutch painter as he spent the majority of his life plagued with a lack of self-confidence, anxiety and bouts of mental illness, which[...]

Colors of Mourning

As there are many beliefs when it comes to mourning, the colors of mourning are just as vibrant.Black: At Japanese and Buddhist services many will attend in black attire. Bright colors, like reds are inappropriate for any mourning occasion. However, you may wear a string of white pearls.Throughout Europe wearing black is tradition. This custom is derived from the Roman Empire. Although[...]

Electronic Wills

An electronic will is one that is created, recorded, transmitted or stored in digital form or in any other intangible form by electronic, magnetic or optical means and can include:* Testamentary provisions, either read or spoken by the testator while being filmed or videotaped, however, such provisions would be deemed as an oral will and would fail as being valid;* A written will that[...]

A Look Behind the Curtains of the Funeral Industry

For Tom Jokinen, the decision to devote eight months handling coffins, corpses and embalming fluid wasn't a career move set in marble. It wasn't like he woke one morning with an epiphany to his life's true calling. In fact, the decision to quit his job as a CBC radio producer in order to become an[...]

I Love Lucy

Lucille Desire Ball was born August 6, 1911, in Jamestown, New York. In 1915, her father died of typhoid fever and so she and her brother were raised by their mother and grandparents. Ball's grandfather was an eccentric fellow who enjoyed theatre. He brought the family to see shows and encouraged his grand daughter to take part in school plays. Ball realized at an early age that being[...]
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