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The Environmental Psychology of Chinese Burials

There's a resurgence in the West with a new form of interior decoration. It's that ancient Chinese custom of aesthetics that has long been believed to use the celestial laws of Chinese astronomy to help improve life by rearranging the chi in a person's home. Whether you call it Tao of Heaven &[...]

Ashes to Ink

Losing a child is always a tragic event in one's life. Some pay tribute to their lost children in various ways, such as framed photos or video compilations. Kim Mordue figured that she would work her family profession into the tribute and would return her son from whence he came by incorporating ashes into tattoo ink.Kim, 50, lost her son Lloyd, 20, in mid-2010 to GHB, a party drug. She[...]

Shakespeare's Tragedies

Undoubtedly one of the most renowned writers in history wrote tales that for his time were greatly admired, and even now a fondness for them still resonates today. Although he wrote some of the most beloved romances, he also wrote tragedies that could make anyone question humanity. The following are stories of life and death scribed at the hand of none other than William Shakespeare.In[...]

Presumed Organ Donation

Organ donation in the United States and most of the world operates on a specific policy that requires an opt-in from the donor at some point prior to death. This procedure, marked on a specific donor card or on the driver's license, is required for your organs to be eligible for donations after death and without it the medical practitioners have no authority to remove organs. New York[...]

A Peaceful Place of Death

Stuck between a lake and a hard place is the village of Hallstatt. Tucked away among the mountains of Austria is the small lakeside village, with a population of fewer than 1000 residents. The peaceful little village is in fact so small; the cemetery can only hold so many bodies before they have to be dug up every decade or so to make room for new burials. Once the bones are dug up,[...]
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