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Cross Bones Graveyard

London, England is home to the Cross Bones Graveyard, also known as the single women's churchyard which dates back to medieval times. It was a place where prostitutes were buried. In those days prostitutes were excluded from Christian burial and were put to rest in unconsecrated grounds. The actual age of the graveyard is unknown but in 1598 John Stow, an English historian, wrote about[...]

The Lonely Funeral

In Amsterdam, every year, up to 20 people will die completely alone or anonymous. Without friends or family to draw up an appropriate service for their sendoff, in most places they could be given at best a quiet cremation or quick burial but in Amsterdam, there is a civil service that gives a respectful funeral to anyone without family or the money to hold one.For over 20 years, civil[...]

Gladiator Graveyard

The discovery of a gladiator graveyard has led to a look back in time to how gladiators lived, fought, and died. The graveyard was found in Ephesus, Turkey, which used to be a major city in ancient civilizations.Like our sport heroes today, gladiators were celebrated in a number of ways. They were featured on oil lamps, mosaics and graffiti art.The graveyard possesses the answers to[...]

A Big and Small Discovery

From 1997 to 2001, Archeologists discovered a series of three unlooted tombs in a 1,500-year-old Moche pyramid in Peru. The Moche were a cultural group that occupied northern Peru from 100-750 AD. They were a fearsome people who participated in human sacrifice.The tombs held five skeletons surrounded by textiles, ceramics, llama skeletons, and decorative metal works. These skeletons[...]

Wicca and Death

The Wiccan religion is a branch of neo-paganism, a duotheistic religion which focuses on a natural and magical forces. Being so far removed from other modern religions, practices surrounding death differ greatly among Wiccans.A primary adherence of Wicca is that Wiccans in general do not fear their own mortality. Death is accepted and celebrated. While not universal, many Wiccans[...]
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