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Celeb Ghost Encounters

Actors and actresses may often portray ghosts on film or fight off spirits in horror movies, however rarely do we hear about their real life paranormal encounters. Some of Hollywood's biggest stars have admitted their eerie face to face encounters with the dead.One of the original Ghostbusters himself, Dan Aykroyd could use some back up from the rest of his supernatural fighting[...]

When Should You Write Your Will?

Thinking about your death is never pleasant, but preparing your family for your inevitable death is a wise and responsible act. The main reason for writing a will and testament is to create a legal document that helps to avoid disagreements and arguments between family members after you have passed away.How old should you be when you write your will? A report from the UK states that the[...]

Even Death Can't Stop Cold Feet

For some families, family reunions are affairs that occur every decade or so, especially when family members are spread out across the country or even the world. Unless these are planned events, or even traditional annual gatherings, some family members may even go years without seeing one another until a wedding or a funeral obligates them to make that journey home. In Chinese[...]

Funerals Adapt to Cyber Communication

Not since cremation entered the scene as an alternative source for funerary options, there's been a noticeable shift in how the funeral industry is offering its services, one that is threatening how the funeral service providers will conduct business for future generations.With baby boomers heading into their mid 60s, the views of death and the celebratory memorial service that follows[...]

The Hearse Song

Nursery rhymes, for years have been used as an integral form of soothing and pacifying children into the dark, slumberous passage of sleep or arousing the playful mischievous wonderment of fun. These catching melodies were, on the surface, weaved to both educate and instruct moral lessons, but if you scratch the surface of these lullabies there lies a much more complex adult[...]
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